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Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Creativity is the use of your imagination. In order to progress and produce a hoop flow, we need to use our imagination. Be creative. Be courageous to mess up over and over again until we’ve imagined and created a move that flows the way we like.

This “move” can be associated with hula hooping practice or anything else in life. We can use this metaphor for any kind of inspiration that comes into our lives. Being creative, failing, getting up again, and dusting ourselves off keeps us going. It builds resilience that keeps our minds and hearts strong for the long ride. This means hard, smart work. Nothing is going to just fall into our laps. Success is not going to just show-up. We must work hard and stay motivated.

In Entrepreneur, Guest Writer, Danielle Maveal, wrote an article titled, “What’s Happening to Early Startup Magic?” I love what she says about keeping the motivation for inspiration going. “Join forces with others who are motivated by mission, community and innovation. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re irrelevant. We need you now more than ever. There’s a bubble burst coming, and only the strong-willed, grit-filled, creative, idea generating beasts who refuse this false narrative will survive.” Those of us who are creative have felt that wave of inspiration. Now, don’t let it go! Believe in that inspiration and take it as far as possible. Then, keep on moving forward with it. One step at a time.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

~Swami Sivananda


Yes, even the smallest acts, like staying on a schedule to hoop everyday leads to success. Whatever you need to keep the inspiration flowing, do it!

David Brooks from the New York Times, wrote an article titled, “What is Inspiration?” He stated, “When people are inspired they are willing to take a daring lark toward something truly great. They’re brave enough to embrace the craggy fierceness of the truth and to try to express it in some new way.” I feel hooping is a brave new trend toward self-expression and fitness. It increases self-esteem, creates social connectedness, and is inspirational to others when it is witnessed.

Why Hooping Inspires Me

As a music therapist, hooping inspires me because the hoop is a prop. In music therapy, we use many different props to help achieve goals with our clients. Props provide a multi-sensory experience with music. Hoops are used to explore and play with creativity through movement. Reasons we might use hoops in music therapy are dependent on the client’s or group’s goals. Hoops are great for increasing socio-emotional skills like personal development, self-awareness, self-confidence, body image, following directions, and emotion regulation; and physical goals such as spatial awareness, balance, hand/eye coordination, and posture. The music used in hooping triggers whole brain processes and functioning which directly affects our cognitive, emotional, and physical functions and abilities. It’s the motivator and helper. It’s the perfect combination of music and the hoop working together.


What Inspires You?

Leave a comment below to share what you’ve been inspired by lately.

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