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A positive sense of well-being can enhance one’s physical health

Wellness for older adults has promising outcomes. The value of social support reaches far and wide. The support of family and friends during a difficult time can have a positive emotional effect. When strong social support is present, people take care of themselves better. They adhere to appointments, stay physically active, eat healthier, and are overall happier. The encouragement from friends and family can motivate people to take steps to be more active.

Music therapy group activities can promote words of encouragement. It’s a time when the MT can reflect on group members’ accomplishments and support one another through difficulties.

Lyric Discussion & Songwriting

Songwriting or Lyric Discussion

  • Songs that reflect or describe oneself
  • Songs to reflect ways to cope
  • Songs for expressing love and thankfulness


Select songs that express feelings and thoughts when they are difficult to verbalize.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

    ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Song Dedications

Offer the group a few songs from the list or print the list out for them to choose songs from.

Encourage the group members to choose a song to dedicate to someone else in the group or someone in their life that needs encouragement.

Download and print the Encouragement Session Activity Here.


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