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Anxiety has become part of everyday life for many. If we turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook these days, we are bombarded with words and pictures that can cause fear and worry. Daily life in today’s society is filled with moments of high state anxiety. It seems that every day there is something that happens in the world that is terrifying and ultimately can be overwhelming to process. Our¬†overall feelings of safety are shaken and well-being is diminished.

Anxiety can affect health and well being.

It can be difficult to maintain a happy state. Looking toward future hopes, dreams and goals can seem not important. But, in order to move forward, care for one another, grieve and grow, we need to learn how to self-regulate ourselves when we experience high state anxiety. State anxiety is the amount of anxiety that one is experiencing in the moment.
If left untreated, anxiety can cause a variety of medical issues, such as heart problems, stroke, stomach issues, and headaches.

Our bodies are all comprised of rhythms. Our organs all function according to time. Whether it’s by the second, minute, hour, days, or months, our bodies operate within time and tempo. With that, we have some control over the tempo of our bodies. According to Gadberry (2011), The most basic rhythm is a steady beat which is similar to pulse, which serves as a foundation for life via cardiovascular and respiratory rates as well as many other life processes.

A self regulated steady beat of relaxation practices can prove to be beneficial to our health and well-being.

At Access Music Therapy, we can help you to find your steady beat to combat anxiety. We have clinically-proven music interventions to help reduce stress and state anxiety. The worries of this life will not go away. The way in which we cope, handle stress, and take care of ourselves, will make a huge impact on this world and on your own life. Give us a call today. 218-349-1792

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