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Music Therapy Groups

Rhapsody Garden Classes

Rhapsody Garden Art and Music Classes






Rhapsody Garden






Children ages 0-5 years old and a parent/grandparent

In every Rhapsody Garden Class you will sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, make stuff up, pretend, use rich language and explore and expand your child’s amazing potential through the arts.

Reserve your spot today!

Cost is $110 for 8 weekly sessions!

Where: Access Music Therapy Center, 215 N. Central Ave, Spirit Valley Shopping Center, West Duluth, MN

Rhapsody Garden Class Registration

Hula Hoop Classes for Adults!







Be a Joyful Hooper!
Hula hooping is an excellent way for children to get active and have fun. Hooping is a great way for adults to spin up some exercise without really knowing it. While learning new skills like basic hooping and simple tricks, adults can increase their skills to create a beautiful hoop flow. Come and be a joyful hooper with us!

Instructor: Jody Tucker, MA, MT-BC
Location: TBA
Age: Adults
Day of the Week:

Online Registration:

Hula Hoops are provided for class. These specially designed hoops promote success. They may be purchased for an extra $35 each with your choice of one grip tape color.


Supportive Music & Imagery Group

Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or stress?

Relaxation music therapy






We all have stress in our lives. Many times we cannot change the events that occur, but we have the power to deal with stress in a healthier way. If you need help to manage stress in your life, our Hearts in Harmony Group might be for you. Bring a friend who might benefit too!

Supportive Music & Imagery can help you manage how your body responds to stress. Sign-up today and start to increase your understanding of relaxation techniques, emotional regulation, and access to positive resources.

This group offers 8 weeks of focused relaxation sessions using supportive music with imagery. Cost is $120 for 8 weekly, one hour sessions at the Access Music Therapy Center.

When: TBA

Hearts in Harmony Registration is closed at this time. Please email to show interest. Thank you!

Open Sesame Group

Music Therapy groups







This Class will be offer in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned! Please email us if you would like to get on the waiting list. or call 218-349-1792

A social skills group for children ages 8-12 years old who are on the autism spectrum. This group will creatively help with practicing and building successful relationships.

Music therapy is a FUN, motivating and interactive way to achieve a wide variety of social skill goals.

Sign your child up today for 8 weeks of musical experiences, friendship building & social stories.

This group is available for children ages 8-12. Cost is $200 for 8 weekly, one hour sessions at the Access Music Therapy Center.

When: TBA

Please email to show interest.

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