Contract Services

Contract Services

Do you want to offer music therapy for your organization, but not sure where to begin?

We partner with organizations to provide regular individual and group music therapy sessions. We currently partner with a local hospital organization, domestic abuse organization, mental health, group homes, and a number of senior living communities. We would love to collaborate with your organization!

Typical Partnership Contracts

  • Music therapy goals

  • Frequency of sessions

  • Length of each session

  • Packaged services if¬†included

  • Terms of payment for services

Long Term Care Facilities

  • Implement music therapy plan

  • Enhance overall quality of life

  • Provide goal support to recreation therapy

  • Group settings or 1:1 is available

Hospice Music Therapy

  • Jody Tucker has 10+ years experience working in hospice care

  • Provide support to patients through use of music interventions

  • Provide comfort to help in managing pain, anxiety or stress

  • Enhance overall quality of life

Music Therapy Consultations

  • Short-term services

  • Consultations with other professionals on how to use music therapeutically

  • Workshops

  • Auxiliary or augmentative level of practice



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