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March is Sing with Your Child Month

March is Sing with Your Child Month

March symbolizes rebirth and growth, and it reminds us that our children of our most precious resource. To celebrate the importance of making music with children, and since March is Sing with your Child Month, I have included a list of fun activities you can do with your child which incorporate singing. I love sing-able books! I’ve provided a list of wonderful books you can read and sing with your child. Don’t worry. Your child doesn’t care what your voice sounds like. Just go ahead and sing with your child! With the invention of Pinterest, you can now find all sorts of activities to do with your child. Some may cost a lot, and some won’t cost anything, like singing. Singing supports your child’s development.


Sing with your childMusic and singing supports your child’s development. According to Psychology Today, musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Listening to and making music with your child is not only an auditory experience, but it is a multi sensory (hearing, touch and sight) and motor experience (from finger tapping to dancing).  Being involved in music increases the connections in the brain.

Babies Love Singing

baby singing

Here are some easy, well-known songs to get you started:

1. Humpty Dumpty
2. Ring-a-Round the Rosy
3. Baa Baa Black Sheep
4. ABC’s
5. Twinkle Twinkle
6. Make up your own song!

Your child will learn rhythm, pitch, listening skills, speech development, and memory skills. The more you sing to and with your child, the more he/she will learn these skills. Repetition is key. To make it more engaging, change the way you sing the songs. Make changes, for example, volume (loud like a lion, or soft like a mouse), speed (fast like a rocket, or slow like a snail), with your eyes closed or open, with accompanying instruments (shakers, bells, or pots and pans) with a recording.

sing-able books


Sing-able Books

Here’s my list of suggested sing-able books.

The Seals on the Bus (Sing to the tune of: “Wheels on the Bus”) by Lenny Hort & C. Brian Karas
Sing-able Books










The “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Sing-able Book










All of Raffi’s books are sing-able

The Leaves on the Trees (Sing to the tune of: “London Bridge” or” Wheels on the Bus”) by Thom Wiley
Sing-able Book




Jamberry  (Sing to the Tune of “One Little, Two Little”) by Bruce Degen
Sing-able Book




“Octopus Garden” by Ringo Starr & Ben Cort
Sing-able Book




“Knick Knack Paddy Whack” (Sing to the tune of: “This Old Man”) by Christiane Engel
Sing-able Book
I hope you enjoyed this post. Having fun and singing to your child is one of the most important things you can do to bond with your child. Be silly, spontaneous, and sing with your child! If you want to learn more song, have fun with other parents, check out my Learning Groove Classes. They are Music & Movement Classes for parents and children under 5 years old. They are 8 weekly classes held at Access Music Therapy in Duluth. Next class starts March 10th.

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