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I am a Music Therapist!

I am a Music Therapist!

Hooray! It’s Music Therapy Advocacy Month. In the music therapy world, we are centering on exploring and honoring our identity as music therapists and as a distinct and stand-alone profession. I am so excited for what the next year will bring! Help us give a special shout-out for the music therapy profession on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and wherever else you share with your community. The following is a guest post from Judy Simpson, MT-BC, the Director of Government Relations, American Music Therapy Association.


2013 in Review

2013 in Review

So much happened in 2013! On a personal note, Joe and I celebrated our First Anniversary, June 17th. It was a beautifully and carefully planned day! We both surprised each other with fantastical events which included a lovely scavenger hunt, a blustery, but romantic picnic up the north shore, a restful train ride, a super movie, dinner, and drinks. It was the best day EVER!
This year, my daughter Emily had some milestones. She graduated from high school, got her driver’s license, and started college at University of Northwestern St. Paul. We’re very proud of her!


My daughter Lizzi turned 15. Unfortunately, she had to say goodbye to her best friend who moved to Guam. This next February we will celebrate her Sweet 16th, and we will have a crazy big party!


My husband, Joe, started a new job with Prime Appliance, and it was a very good decision for our family.   (more…)

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