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Spring Into Your Music Playlist

Spring Into Your Music Playlist

Put a spring in your music playlist today. Do you have a sweat worthy songlist for working out this summer? My husband and I are “kinda” training for a half marathon. We are totally behind on our training, but we’re going to run it whether we’re ready or not. So, to motivate me on my runs, I use my iPod to get me going. Sometimes I listen to music, and sometimes I listen to podcasts. When it comes to music, my song mix is very important. There are a few elements that I focus on when choosing songs. The genre, the lyrics, the beats per minute (bpm), and if it just feels good.

Jody’s Workout Music Playlist

Playlist your Half Marathon
1. All Summer Long (103 BPM)
2. Bad Case of Loving You (148 BPM)
3. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (105 BPM)
4. Brave (93 BPM)
5. Count on Me (90 BPM)
6. Demons (95 BPM)
7. Diamonds (94 BPM)
8. Drive By (130 BPM)
9. Dynamite (120 BPM)
10. Edge of Glory (128 BPM)
11. Electric Avenue (122 BPM)
12. I Gotta Feeling (125 BPM)
13. It’s A Beautiful Day (135 BPM)
14. Jump Right In (105 BPM)
15. Little Talks (108 BPM)
16. Payphone (107 BPM)
17. Rumor Has It (122 BPM)
18. Stronger (117 BPM)
19. Sweet Home Alabama (100 BPM)
20. We Owned the Night (100 BPM)

You can design your music playlist to support the level of energy you need. Do this by organizing your songs by the beats per minute (BPM). To find the rhythm of a song or BPMs, use a stopwatch, and count the beats for 15 seconds. Then, multiply that number by 4. For example, if you counted 24 beats in 15 seconds, multiply 24 by 4 = 96. The song’s tempo is 96 BPM. You multiplied it by four because 60 seconds divided by 15 seconds = 4.

Or you could use this handy dandy app. BPM by Cheebow. Just tap the screen to the rhythm of the music, and it will give you the BPM.

Another great website is Run Hundred. Anyone can go to the site and submit their favorite workout music, and on a monthly basis, Run Hundred posts a Top 10 List. You can subscribe at the link to get the lists.

Now, get out there and get your workout on! Share with us your favorite playlist in the comments below.

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