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A Rainbow of Activity

A Rainbow of Activity

As I am planning sessions for this beautiful month of March, I want to share a couple activities that I have put together. Below you will find a songwriting activity you can use for children and teens, “Leprechaun Songwriting,” and a going sorting activity for children called, “Pot of Gold Coin Sorting” activity. Have fun and follow along to find the laughter and fun! And, when you’re done and you’re pining for more, slide down the rainbow to the Guitten blog for the parade of activities!

Leprechaun Songwriting

Goals: Self expression, DBT-Mindfulness, One Thing at a Time, ACCEPTS: Contribute


One to one or group


White board and markers


A simple Irish song such as: “An Irish Lullaby,” “When Irish Eyes are Smiling,” “My Wild Irish Rose.”


1. Ask the clients to think about what they would do if they each had a pot of gold to spend.

  1. List their ideas on the board.
  2. Work together to fit the ideas into a pre-composed melody.
  3. Sing the song all together.
  4. Give them each a copy of the song.

Discussion Ideas: 

Based on DBT, it’s important to engage in activities, and contribute to someone or something. Songwriting is a way to give something nice to someone else. In this activity compare yourself to people coping the same as you or less than you. Even though you don’t have a pot of gold to spend, compare where you actually are at now, to others who are less fortunate than you.

Does this song help you to create an opposite emotion? Did it help you to push away other thoughts for awhile?


What other kinds of sensations can you add to this activity? Smell, taste, touch, vision?


A visualization activity based on the songwriting.


Have a green punch or treat that is green color.


Have a scent of mint, spearmint, or lime.


Come up with your own.

Pot O’ Gold Coin Sorting

Goals: Educational concepts (counting, sorting, colors, money)

Method: Demonstration and One to one or group


Variety of coins (gold coins can be purchased at dollar stores)

Real coins

Pots/cups in gold color

  • with numbers on the pots/cups for children to count the number of coins
  • with each coin taped/glued to the front of the cup/”pot” for children to match the coins to the correct pot.
  • pictures from magazines ads of items that the client/student would be interested in purchasing.


1. Begin by singing, “Leah’s Leprechaun Song” from Prelude Music Therapy Book One.

2. Teach the value of each coin.

3. Sing the “How much is a penny worth?” from the Prelude Music Book Four.

  1. The children sort the coins by attributes (size, color, and/or denomination)

4. Sing, “Check the Price” use the pictures to pretend they are buying a product with their coins. Also, “How much is that doggie in the window” can be changed to “How much is that _______ in the window.” Have fun with it!

5. End by singing, “Leah’s Leprechaun Song” again.


Use color songs to learn colors of coins.

Use number and math songs to learn about the value of each coin.

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