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Saying Good-Bye

Saying Good-Bye

It’s “Show & Tell Tuesday!” I want to share a book with you that I think is so amazing for little kiddos going through the loss of a loved one.

Saying good-bye can be a very hard thing when a child has to say it to a loved one. Christine L. Thompson wrote a book titled, “Scarlet Says Good-Bye,” and it’s a book for children to process their thoughts and feelings about a loved one dying in hospice care. It provides a story and activities for children to do alone or with family. It helps the child to remember the person and the time spent.
The book can be purchased at Scarlet Says Good-bye
Scarlet Says Goodbye

This book can be used by therapists, hospice employees, and family members to initiate talking with a child about what they are thinking and feeling. It teaches children what hospice care is, how children can talk with the dying loved one, and a place in the book for the loved one to leave a written message to the child.
My Wish for you

As a music therapist, I love using “Scarlet Says Good-Bye,” by Christine L. Thompson because it includes many activities in the second half of the book that can be adapted and expanded upon in a music therapy session. I really like the activity that encourages the child to pretend he/she is a “reporter”. Christine offers questions that the child can ask the loved one. These pages are perfect for the music therapist to assist in developing these questions into songs with a child. For the child, developing their loved one’s answers into melodies can help him/her remember the moments and conversations with the loved one more easily. Songwriting the words into lyrics and melody can bring the “reporter’s” experience to a deeper level. In addition, a recording of the song can be a keepsake that could be treasured for years to come.
It’s just a great book! So many wonderful ways it can be used to bring about processing for a grieving child.
Thank you Christine for writing it, and signing my copy!!

Jody Tucker

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