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Crafty Musical Instruments

Crafty Musical Instruments

Kids of all ages love to make music instrument crafts. I have three projects suggested and explained in picture detail for you. I usually use these activities for Wellness/Kids Fairs, street dances. Grandmas and grandpas love to get in on helping out the kids decorate the instruments. Great intergenerational activity!




Beautiful Flowers

Here’s a simple video on how to make beautifully large paper flowers. This activity could easily be done as a group with each person contributing or as a demonstration.

Music Activities

Discussion: Theme of gardens, planting them, and every thing that is wonderful about them.

Sing: Country Garden

Discussion: What do we need to grow our garden?

Sun, rain, etc


Singing in the Rain – Give Rain Instruments

I’m Always Chasing Rainbows

Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie – Give Out Yellow Scarves

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

Sing About Flowers:

What are some kinds of flowers?

Rambling Rose

When you wore a tulip

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

My Wild Irish Rose

Discussion: Other kinds of things to plant? Fruit? Blueberries, apples

Blueberry Hill

Bushel and a Peck

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

Discussion: When sitting under the tree, what sounds can you hear?


Bird Songs

Mocking Bird Hill

When the Red Red Robin

Apple Pie & Home

Apple Pie & Home

Apple Activity

Make some Crockpot Applesauce. Here’s a simple, easy video on how to make it.

Music and Discussion Suggestions

In the Garden – Charles Austin Miles

It is National Apple Pie Day on May 13th, and on October 21st is National Apple Day. It’s considered “America’s favorite dessert.”  The first apple pie recipe printed was in England in 1381.

What are some types of apples? Honey crisp, Braeburn, Red Delicious, McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Gala, Jazz, and more!

What goes into a good apple pie?

Sing:  I’d ‘ve Baked a Cake

Apple Blossom Time

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree


Apples originated near the Black and Caspian Sea.

The apple blossom is the Arkansas State Flower.

Apples have 21% of the daily fiber you need in a day, and it’s mostly in the peel!

Apples float because they are 25% air.

Apples help with digestive system regularity.

Apples actually have an antioxidant that advances brain function.

Apples are the best during late summer and early fall.

Sing:   Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree

Green Green Grass of Home

Rhythm Instruments

Ida (Sweet as Apple Cider) – Porcupine

Come on-a My House – Rosemary Clooney

Music & Movement

Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

Song ID

Scrapple from the Apple by Dizzy Gillespie (1947)

Honeysuckle Rose

Don’t Worry Mom by Harry Duncan & Paul William (1944)

– a sentimental song filled with notes of Americana, love and apple pie. This song is the epitome of the focus on the mother during WWII as they key and most important component of the family unit and the soldier’s lives.

Ma! I Miss Your Apple Pie by Carmen Lombardo & John Loeb (1941)

– This soldier yearns to come back tot he goodness, freedom, and purity of the America that he once knew and loved.

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie – Jay & the Techniques (1967)


Closing: The Lord is Good To Me


Calendar Themes

1-New Years Day

2-National Science Fiction Day

3-National Fruitcake Toss Day

4-National Trivia Day

5-National Bird Day

10-National Save the Eagles Day

13-National Rubber Ducky Day

13-National Stephen Foster Memorial Day

14-National Dress up Your Pet Day

15-National Hat Day

16-National Martin Luther King Jr. Day

17-National Bootlegger’s Day

17-National Hot Buttered Rum Day

18-Civil Rights Day

18-Martin Luther King Day

18-Robert E Lee’s Birthday

19-National Popcorn Day

20-National Cheese Lover’s Day

21-National Hugging Day

21-National Squirrel Appreciation Day

23-National Pie Day

24-National Compliment Day

24-National Peanut Butter Day

28-National Have Fun At Work Day

28-National Kazoo Day

29-National Puzzle Day

31-National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

1-National Freedom Day

2-National Groundhog Day

4-National Homemade Soup Day

4-National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

5-National Wear Red Day

5-National Weatherperson’s Day

6-National Lame Duck Day

7-National Send a Card to a Friend Day

8-National Boy Scouts Day

8-National Kite Flying Day

8-Chinese New Year

9-Shrove Tuesday

9-Mardi Gras

10-Ash Wednesday

10-National Umbrella Day

11-National Inventor’s Day

11-National Make a Friend Day

12- Lincoln’s Birthday

14-Valentine’s Day

15-President’s Day

15-National Gumdrop Day

16-National Do a Grouch a Favor Day

17-National Random Acts of Kindness Day

17-National Caregivers Day

18-National Drink Wine Day

19-National Chocolate Mint Day

20-President’s Day

26-National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

27-National Polar Bear Day

27-National Strawberry Day

28-National Floral Design Day

28-National Tooth Fairy Day

1-National Pig Day

2-National Old Stuff Day

2-Read Across America Day (Dr. Suess Day)

3-National Anthem Day

4-Employee Appreciation Day

4-National Hug a G.I. Day

4-National Grammar Day

9-National Barbie Doll Day

11-National Johnny Appleseed Day

12-National Plant a Flower Day

12-Daylight Saving Time

13-National Good Samaritan Day

13-National Napping Day

14-National Children’s Craft Day

14-National Learn About Butterflies Day

17-St. Patrick’s Day

18-National Quilting Day

19-National Certified Nurses Day

19-National Let’s Laugh Day

20-Palm Sunday

22-National Puppy Day

25-Good Friday

25-National Medal of Honor Day

27-Easter Sunday

28-National Something on a Stick Day

29-National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

29-National Little Red Wagon Day

30-National Pencil Day

30-National Take a Walk in the Park Day

1-April Fool’s Day

1-National One Cent Day

3-National Find a Rainbow Day

5-National Read a Road Map Day

6-National Walking Day

7-National Beer Day

8-National Zoo Lovers’ Day

10-National Siblings Day

11-National Barber Shop Quartet Day

11-National Pet Day

13-Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

13- National Scrabble Day

16-National Auctioneers’ Day

17-National Haiku Poetry Day

18-National Animal Crackers Day

18-Tax Day

21-National Have a Poem in Your Pocket Day

22-National Earth Day

22-National Jelly Bean Day

23-National Picnic Day

23-National Talk Like Shakespeare Day


25-National Telephone Day

26-National Audubon Day

27-National Babe Ruth Day

27-National Tell a Story Day

27-National Administrative Professionals’ Day

28-National Great Poetry Reading Day

28-Workers’ Memorial Day

29-Arbor Day

29-National Zipper Day

30-National Honesty Day

30-National Sense of Smell Day

1-Loyalty Day

1-National Lemonade Day

3-National Teacher Appreciation Day

4-National Star Wars Day – “May the Fourth Be With You!”

5-National Cartoonist Day

5-Cinco de Mayo

5-National Day of Prayer

7-National Homebrew Day

7-National Train Day

8-Mother’s Day

8-Truman Day

11-National Twilight Zone Day

12-National Limerick Day

13-National Apple Pie Day

15-Peace Officers’ Day

16-National Love a Tree Day

17-National Rat Pack Day

20-National Nascar Day

21-National Armed Forces Day

22-National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

22-National Maritime Day

24-National Scavenger Hunt Day

25-National Tap Dance Day

25-National Senior Health & Fitness Day

30-Memorial Day

30-National Mint Julep Day
1- D-Day

1-National Penpal Day

3-National Doughnut Day

4-National Cheese Day

5-National Gingerbread Day

5-National Moonshine Day

7-Ramadan starts-Muslim

8-National Best Friends Day

11-National Career Nurse Assistants Day

12-Shavuot-Jewish holiday

12-National Red Rose Day

12-National Loving Day

13-National Sewing Machine Day

14-US Army Birthday

14-Flag Day

14-National Pop Goes the Weasel Day

15-National Smile Power Day

17-National Flip Flop Day

18-National Go Fishing Day

19-Father’s Day

20-June Solstice-Season

20-American Eagle Day

21-Summer Begins

23-National Pink Day

26-National Beautician’s Day

27-National Sunglasses Day

28-National Paul Bunyan Day

1-National Postal Worker Day

1-National US Postage Stamp Day

4-Independence Day (USA)

4-National Country Music Day

4-National Hillbilly Day

5-National Bikini Day

8-Collector Car Appreciation Day

11-National Cheer Up the Lonely Day

12-National Simplicity Day

12-National Difference Colored Eyes Day

13-National Beans ‘N’ Frank Day

14- National Nude Day

15-National I Love Horses Day

16-National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day

17-National Ice Cream Day

18-National Sour Candy Day

20-National Moon Day

20-National Lollipop Day

22-National Hammock Day

23-National Day of the Cowboy (4th Saturday of July)

24-National Cousins Day

24-National Parents Day

24-National Drive-Thru Day

28-National Refreshment Day (4th Thursday)

29-National Lipstick Day

30-National Cheesecake Day

30-National Dance Day (Last Saturday in July)

31-National Mutt Day

1-National Girlfriends Day

National Coloring Book Day

2-National Night Out (1st Tuesday of Aug.)

4-National Watermelon Day

4-National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

4-US Coast Guard Birthday

6-National Root Beer Float Day

7-Purple Heart Day

7-National Kids Day

7-National Friendship Day

7-National Sisters Day

8-National Happiness Happens Day

10-National Lazy Day

10-National S’Mores Day

11-National Sons and Daughters Day

12-National Vinyl Records Day

13-National Bowling Day

13-National Garage Sale Day

15-National Relaxation Day

16-National Tell a Joke Day

16-National Roller Coaster Day

17-National I Love My Feet Day

18-National Mail Order Catalog Day

19-National Aviation Day

21-Senior Citizen’ Day

25-National Kiss and Make-Up Day

25-National Banana Split Day

26-National Women’s Equality Day

26-National Dog Day

27-National Just Because Day

31-National Matchmaker Day

1-National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

2-National College Colors Day

3-National Tailgating Day

4-US Bowling League

4-National Wildlife Day

4-National Hug Your Boss Day

5-Labor Day

7-National Grandma Moses Day

9-National Teddy Bear Day

9-Care Bear Share Your Care Day

10-National Swap Your Ideas Day

10-National TV Dinner Day

11-Patriot Day

11-National Grandparents’ Day

12-National Day of Encouragement

13-Uncle Sam Day

14-National Live Creative Day

15-National LGBT Awareness Day

16-National POW/MIA Recognition Day

16-Mayflower Day

16-Trail of Tears Commemoration Day

17-Big Whopper Liar Day

17-Responsible Dog Responsible Day

18-Air Force Birthday

18-National Cheeseburger Day

18-Wife Appreciation Day

19-Talk Like a Pirate Day

22-September equinox

22-National Centenarian’s Day

23-Native Americans’ Day

24-National Hunting and Fishing Day

24-National Health & Fitness Day

25-Gold Star Mother’s Day

25-National One Hit Wonder Day

25-National Comic Book Day

26-National Johnny Appleseed Day

26-National Pancake Day

27-National Voter Registration Day

28-National Drink Beer Day

28-National Good Neighbor Day

29-National Coffee Day

29-VFW Day

30-National Chewing Gum Day

30-National Hot Mulled Cider Day

1-National Homemade Cookie Day

2-National Name Your Car Day

3-Rosh Hashana-Jewish holiday

3-Child Health Day

4-National Golf Day

4-Feast of St. Francis of Assisi-Christian

6-National Mad Hatter Day

6-National German-American Day

7-National Manufacturing Day

8-National Motorcycle Ride Day

9-Leif Erikson Day

9-National Chess Day

9-Clergy Appreciation Day

10-Columbus Day

10-National Handbag Day

10-Indigenous People’s Day

12-Yom Kippur-Jewish holiday

12-National Farmer’s Day

12-National Fossil Day

13-US Navy Birthday

13-National Train Your Brain Day

15-National I Love Lucy Day

15-National Grouch Day

15-National Sweetest Day

16-National Dictionary Day

17-Boss’s Day

17-Black Poetry Day

18-National No Beard Day

19-Support Your Chamber of Commerce

22-National Color Day

22-National Make a Difference Day

24-National Food Day

27-National American Beer Day

27-Navy Day

28-National Chocolate Day

28-National Frankenstein Day

29-National Cat Day

31-National Knock Knock Joke Day

31-National Magic Day


1-All Saints’ Day

1-National Author’s Day

1-National Vinegar Day

2-All Souls’ Day

3-National Housewife’s Day

3-National Men Make Dinner Day

4-National Candy Day

4-National Stress Awareness Day

5-National Doughnut Day

6-Saxophone Day

6-Daylight Saving Time ends

8-National Cappuccino Day

8-Election Day

8-National Parents as Teachers Day

10-Marine Corps Birthday

10-National Forget-Me-Not Day

11-Veterans’ Day

11-National Sundae Day

12-National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

15-National Philanthropy Day

15-America Recycles Day

16-National Fast Food Day

16-National Button Day

17-National Take a Hike Day

17-American SmokeOut Day

18-Mickey Mouse Birthday

19-Naitonal Play Monopoly Day

19-National Adoption Day

20-National Absurdity Day

24-Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of Nov.)

24-National Day of Mourning (4th Thursday of Nov.)

25-Presidents’ Day

25-National Day of Listening (Day after Thanksgiving)

25-National Buy Nothing Day

26-Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving)

26-National Cake Day

25-Black Friday

27-First Sunday of Advent-Christian

28-Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving)

28-National French Toast Day

1-National Pie Day

1-Rosa Parks Day

2-Special Education Day

2-Faux Fur Friday (1st Friday of Dec.)

4-National Cookie Day

6-Miner’s Day

7-Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

7-National Cotton Candy Day

8-Feast of the Immaculate Conception-Christian

8-Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

9-National Pastry Day

10-Human Rights Day

10-Nobel Prize Day

12-National Gingerbread House Day

12-The Prophet’s Birthday-Muslim

12-Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

13-US National Guard Birthday

13-National Violin Day

15-Bill of Rights Day

16-National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

17-National Maple Syrup Day

17-Wright Brothers’ Day

18-National Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day

19-National Hard Candy Day

21-Winter Solstice-Season

21-Crossword Puzzle Day

21-Humbug Day

21-Winter Solstice (between Dec. 20-23)

22-National Re-Gifting Day

23-Christmas Eve

24-National Eggnog Day

25-Christmas Day-Christian holiday

25-Chanukay/Hanukkah-Jewish holiday

25-National Pumpkin Pie Day

26-National Thank You-Note Day

26-Boxing Day

27-National Fruitcake Day

28-National Card Playing Day

28-Pledge of Allegiance Day

30-Bacon Day

30-New Year’s Eve

31-Champagne Day

31-Make Up Your Mind Day

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