Art Classes for KIDS - Access Music Therapy

Art Classes for KIDS

Fun & Creative Environment

Small classes encourage expressive and creative innovation. We offer an explorative and structured atmosphere for learning skills and being an artist.


Encourages thinking creatively and promotes self-expression. This class feeds their souls and brings joy to their faces. Create beautiful keepsakes to take home forever.

Promotes Development

Promotes development of fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. Large motor movement through music and dance.

Encourages Social Skills

This class incorporates art and music. The activity and pace nurtures interactions between kids. Builds confidence through creative music-making and dance.

Creative Fun Activities in ONE Class!

Our Art Class for KIDS was designed just for children’s view of fun in mind. The class is nicely-paced, fun, and interactive in so many ways.  The class is structured to provide time for self-expression through various art mediums with the collage process, as well as through the creative expression using music activities with song, dance, props, and instruments. Your child or children will have a wonderfully meaningful time dedicated to feeding their little souls with time to express themselves in so many awesome ways!

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