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Women’s Art Class

This art class is for women. I encourage a supportive atmosphere where women can be themselves. The goal is to have openness as a positive force, to find joy, be courageous, have empathy, and BE creative!

In our art classes, we use mixed media to create the collage art. Collage art can be anything. We use a multitude of textures, colors, and materials. You will have a piece of art to bring home. We provided all the supplies and an apron during the class.

This art class is specially designed for women. It takes courage to create art. Many people don’t think they are artistic. I believe it’s because they are afraid to share their work with others when they have a finished product. We can all be proud of our art work, no matter the skill level or experience. In this class, we will explore being courageous with our art. We will encourage and support one another in making art that reflects who we are, and who we strive to be! Your value is not based on how “perfect” your art is, but on your courage to create art and be yourself in the process. So let’s be engaged, connect, and get messy without the judgement!


Sign Up Online. Pay at the Door.

Next Class TBA

Simple registration. Let me know you want to reserve your spot in the class, and we’ll save a seat for you! Space is limited.


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No experience or art training is needed. Come as you are, bring a friend, have a good ol’ time.

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