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About Jody Tucker, MA, MT-BC, NMT

JodyTucker, MA, MT-BC

Hi! I’m Jody Tucker. I am a mother, wife, and music therapist. Being creative through music and sewing is my thing. Let me share what I am all about. I believe learning is important. If we don’t learn, we are not aware, and we won’t grow. I believe renewing our skills is important to have a well-balanced life. I believe that music therapy works at both the scientific and spiritual levels.

That is why Access Music Therapy’s Mission is:

I wholeheartedly believe that every person can discover, express and transcend to his/her highest potential through music therapy.

That is what it’s all about.

Why the Name, “Access Music Therapy?”

I have a passion for helping people. Therefore, I want to assist others in gaining access to music therapy services in the Northern MN and WI areas. That is why I named my business Access Music Therapy, llc. Choosing that name was not difficult because of the obvious use of the word “access.” “Access” is referring to the accessibility to the services that I offer. It signifies a door opening to the many benefits of music therapy, and the funding resources that I have implemented to make it as easy as possible for services to be attainable. The music note within my logo is the “key” to the keyhole that opens the door.


Duluth News Tribune article, “Using Music Therapy to Strike a Chord.”
Using Music Therapy to Strike a Chord

The Learning Groove Promo Video

I created the Guitten. Learn more about it here.

My husband, Joe, and I perform as a duo, Facebook: Collision Duo.


Experience the creative possibilities!

From this site, I hope you are able to draw amazing insight about what music therapy is and is not. In music therapy, we explore music creatively, at each person’s level of ability and we achieve goals! I wholeheartedly believe that every person can creatively discover, express, and transcend to their highest potential.


If you are a college student contemplating a music therapy degree, you probably have some questions. I am willing to help you sort through your questions and provide you with valuable information about music therapy as a profession. For even more great information, please visit the American Music Therapy Association site.

Master of Arts Degree in Music Therapy from

Saint Mary-of-the Woods College, IN

Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and a minor in Psychology from

Augsburg College, MN

Music Therapist-Board Certified

Certification Board of Music Therapists

HealthRHYTHMS Drum Circle Facilitator

Neurologic Music Therapist – Certified by

The Robert F. Unkefer Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy

Level 1: Music & Imagery for Wellness

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

Professional Member of

Music Therapy of Minnesota

Professional Member of Music Therapy of Wisconsin

Music Therapy of Wisconsin

Jody running Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon

I was 23 years old when I started my family, and divorced in 2009. In 2012, I re-married. Between Joe and I, we have 4 girls. I have two beautiful daughters, Emily who is 22 years old, and Lizzi who is 19. They are my pride and joy! I am also the step-mom of two cutie smart step-daughters, Gwyn (13) and Rhiannyn (10). Besides my family and work, I am deeply proud that I have completed seven half marathons so far. My husband and I run together now, and we have so much fun!


1. My full name is Jody Ann St. George Tucker. I go by Jody Tucker.

2. We have a “brady bunch” kind of family.

3. My husband and I perform as a duo, Collision Duo.

4. I started playing the violin at age 10.

5. I enjoy painting walls.

6. I LOVE to hula hoop!

7. I like to cook, but love it when my husband cooks.

8. I love chimichangas.

9. I don’t have a favorite song.

10. I play the violin.

11. I was commuting to college when I heard about the first airplane

crashing into the World Trade Twin Towers.

12. Sometimes I snort when I laugh real hard.

13. My kids think I’m goofy.

14. I LOVE DIY projects around the house.

15. I got my first gray hair at 18. Uuugh!

16. I am madly in love with my husband!

17. I love to bake.

18. I am a Christian.

19. I was raised in Duluth, MN.

20. I love being a music therapist.

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